Sunday, August 28

No longer a blow-by-blow of Katrina,

But more of a diary of the delirious. . . .

Everyone but me is now in bed. I am such a night person.

We have an aquarium that has just been broken in, and it is fairly certain we are going to lose our fish in the heat to come. My mother lost her broken down old goldfish, Hannibal, the last time she evacuated--she went to visit family and got stuck there for longer than expected. She thought Hannibal, who already had only one fin, would be dead by the time she made it back, but he hung in there long enough for her to try to nurse him back. He wouldn't eat, so she tried to force-feed him. If you knew my mother, this would not surprise you in the least, but her telling me this made me laugh until coke snorted out of my nose. The drinkable kind, despite what this rambling post may indicate.

Man, I gotta go lie down. Back in a few.

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