Thursday, August 18

Insomniac Links

I am very much a night-owl and I have been since I was a very small girl. Perhaps it is because I have always been afraid of missing something. On one of my birthdays, my sixth or seventh, I think, I told my father that I wanted to stay up all night for my birthday present. He obliged and we spent part of that night in a nearby wilderness area checking out all of the night-time critters. I made it all night and was awake to see the sun rise, while poor Dad was snoring on the couch by 4 am. That birthday remains one of my fondest memories.

Here are a few links for you other night-owls who enjoy roaming the internet late at night:

Levitated. Lots of play-pretties here. Just sort of bumble around for a while and enjoy the interactive elegance.

I first saw this David and Goliath sticker on the mirror in the lady's at local venue The Thirsty Hippo. Like that sticker, the Throw Rocks at Boys game from the D&G guys is sweetly simple and sinister.

Speaking of sweet and sinister, I again have proved what an evil ditz I am by laughing far too hard at this little game.

Battleship by DuctTape Fashion. For all of those who remember fondly the "You sank my battleship!" kid.

Here are a few word games for you late night linguaphiles:

Word Association This is mildly entertaining for a time. Anyone want to explain why my response to the word "roads" was "grunge"? Oh, because it's 4 am.

WordSpy. Has a nice interface and music, but after a couple of dozen plays, some limitations (both of the game and myself) became obvious.

It's Boggle! On the web! It's Weboggle! These guys were tough. Even with 2 friends helping/cheating, we never even broke the top 8.

And my new favorite, Define Time. How many words can you define correctly in two minutes? My personal best was a score of 570, but I am getting a little delirious.

Whew. Well, now I'm worn out and it is finally time for bed. Tomorrow (later today) I will put up a few links to some sites that are not just time wasters and post an idea for a fun night out for you and your less-than-squeamish pals.

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