Thursday, February 23

Gettin' Hitched

Well, I've done it again. Gotten engaged, I mean. And this time, I actually have a date decided, so it shouldn't go on for the 10 or so years as it did last time (with a perfectly wonderful man, I may add. Hi, D.!).

So, the first time I was engaged, women came from far and near to congratulate me and remind me how this is my chance to finally have that wedding that I had imagined for years and practiced endlessly with my barbie dolls and remember how cute she looked with that little toilet paper train and . . . .Wait, WHAT? No, ma'am, I don't remember, having never even had a Barbie doll to my recollection. (Though I did have a 3-feet-tall purple stuffed dog and a ridable big banana which I remember quite fondly. As I may have mentioned elsewhere, I was an odd child.)

Apparently, I was singulary unromantic as a child, and I suppose I remain so today. Not wearing white, my dears. The current plan is a Justice of the Peace, a nice family reception, and then a kick-ass party, to which you are all invited.

More details to follow (I promise) and a discussion of the man who dares jump the broom with me.

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