Friday, November 11

What a week!

Through no fault of my own, I have had quite a great week. Monday, my boss at my part-time job offered me a promotion to full-time with a raise and benefits.

Then on Wednesday, I did finally have jury duty, which actually turned out for the best. I was juror 35, and juror 34 was chosen as alternate, so I ended up with my $40 dollars with very little effort at a time when I can use the dough. (Though the pay had increased from $35 to $40 since my last go at jury duty, as Scipio had mentioned in comments below, instead of writing the check and handing it to us as we left the room, the check, as they say, is in the mail.)

Then, yesterday, I finally had the interview for the job counseling Katrina survivors. This was a job that was billed to me as volunteer work, and probably based on the Mississippi Coast. Turns out, it is a paid position--33.5K a year, and is right here in Hattiesburg. Dude offered me the position before I even left the room.

So, this spate of good news doesn't exactly make for gripping blogging, but I did want to share my good news with you guys.

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