Monday, November 7

Those who know me know that I read just about everything. I'll read almost absolute trash if there is nothing else. One summer, I even read a few Harlequins just to see if there was anything to the fuss. (Nope. As you'd expect, poorly written, beyond-soft-core porn for women whose little minds have been turned to mush by the idea of romantic love. The same women who, when they heard I was engaged, said "Oh, my God! Now you can have the wedding dress you dreamed of as a child!" WTF?? I never even thought of getting married when I was a child. And if someone were to ask me about getting married, I probably would have said I was going to marry my mom. Needless to say, I am no longer engaged. But I digress.)

Like any good reader, I owe the library money. My fine at the library constantly hovers around the magical $25 mark. Above that, you can't borrow any books, but you can pay it down by $.50 and you're back in business. Once I had a minor, but embarrassing, panic attack when I had no cash and they WOULDN'T LET ME CHECK ANYTHING OUT. (Thank you, Jennifer C., for rescuing me.) I think I will have Scott, my S.O., pay my library fine for Christmas.

I decided to take several days off this week and then realized I have absolutely no money and no real way of going anywhere. It appears that jury duty is a no go, so I'll have 5 days in a row with nothing to do. (Nothing fun to do, anyway. I have tons of chores that need doing, but let's not think about that.) So, I am compliling a list of books to get at the library. (With the rare exception, I no longer buy books; I read so rapidly it makes no economic sense. Plus that whole "no money" thing.) Anybody out there reading anything good these days? I enjoy speculative fiction, short stories in the vein of David Sedaris, mysteries, some non-fiction, and the occasional best seller. I ain't picky.

I would also like to hear from folks who know of good books for adults to read to one another. Scott is a very good reader and I like him to read to me. My father read to me frequently, and some of my favorite childhood memories (that do not involve weddings) are of his reading "Huckleberry Finn" to me on camping trips. I think it is a good bonding experience for children, and is a nice part of a relationships for adults. Finding books that are suited for reading aloud is dificult, however, so please pass your ideas along. One good one to start is The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

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