Tuesday, November 1

Random Me

Did this year's Halloween last forfuckingever for you? Damn October 31st on a Monday. Folks I know started being Halloweenies last Thursday. (And damn that Daylight Saving Time, too. How stupid is it that it changes right before Halloween, cutting down on the daylight in which those tikes in dark costumes are visible.) However, I did have the pleasure of seeing both scary Mike Tyson and creepy Ozzy Osborne on late-night tv last night. They both made more sense than I expected. This is faint praise.

I am subscribed to a service called "Who you Should Know," which each day gives me a profile of a different country and its leader. I should be more interested in this. I thought I was more interested in this. But I glance at this each day and delete it more quickly than I do a come-on from a Nigerian prince. I am a cretin.

From the "Things I have learned the hard way" file: licorice is a natural laxative.

For every person that tells me that they like this blog, there are three others who have promised to never speak to me again or perhaps even bring down some bodily harm on my little person if I say the word "blog" ever again. Blah blah blog.

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