Friday, November 4

Not again

I have been called to jury duty. Again. The 4th time in about as many years, it seems. I am the only registered voter in Hattiesburg, apparently.

I am one of the rare folks who doesn't really mind this. Usually, it's called off at the last minute anyway, and even if it isn't, it is interesting to watch the legal system first-hand. And though it sucked more when I had a "real job," and the $35 per diem that jury duty pays got taken by my job in exchange for them giving me the time off, now that I am working part-time, I will actually earn a few more bucks that day than usual.

The one other time I actually had to go, I was pretty far back in the pool and never got near to being called. I sat and watched the slow, slow wheels of justice turn for about 5 hours and went on home. But even if I am first in line, I feel sure that I will never sit on a jury. I am far too liberal for the Prosecution, and far too smart for either side. I don't have to come up with sob-stories about how I have two cancerous children, a Draconian boss who will fire me for missed time, or a heart condition that simply cannot tolerate the excitement of traffic court, to be dismissed.

Too bad, kinda. I envision myself as the lone hold-out on a nationally important case brilliantly arguing arcane points of law and slowly bringing the others to my point of view, saving the unjustly accused from death row. So you see why I won't be sitting on a jury any time soon.

From the "word I used this week I am most proud of" file: Moribund. (Second definition) Whooo!

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