Tuesday, November 22

I had promised myself I would never do the "I apologise for not updating this blog" post. So, I'm not. I don't apologise. I have proudly not updated this blog. My life, it is too exciting! I am far too busy to entertain you, you people with no lives, who anxiously check this site four, five hundred times a day. "Maybe now!" you say. "Nope, but what about now?!" "Perhaps NOW she'll be back with an entertaining tale or on-point observation." But no, I am illusive. I am withholding myself from you. Perhaps I am even teasing you. What a bitch.

Or maybe I am suffering from a spot of ennui. You know it--that sense that everything just is. Oh, yes, those kittens are cute. Ho-hum. 200 hundred channels and nothing's on (but who am I kidding, I don't even have cable). I could pick up a magazine, but they are so heavy, and all the way across the couch. Could call friends, but what new could they possibly have to say after I pushed all those teeny buttons?

And the internet, she is so, so-how you say?-so empty.

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