Wednesday, November 16

Decision Time

I have decided to stick with my old job with the promotion for several reasons. (Benefits)

The new counseling job could not promise me that it would last three months, much less the 18 months that the grant could extend. My position would have been to supervise folks who would be going into the community to assess need for counseling services for survivors of Katrina. Here in Hattiesburg, I believe that the time for this sort of service has passed. I was concerned that I woud be doing that for a month or so, and the grant would run out, or worse, that I would feel pressured to show need that wasn't really there to keep the grant going. This does not reflect on the interviewer--he was a very nice guy, and the agency does its best to serve Hattiesburg, I feel. But I know how these things go. The way grants work, you gotta use it or lose it, and that makes for somewhat murky ethical waters.

I feel I've made the right choice for me, right now. If I have a burning desire to go back into counseling, I'm sure I could find a position at a later time. Meanwhile, it's back to the bank job with me. But with benefits!

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