Sunday, October 23

Linky Round-up

Why are you at the computer? The weather is beautiful! (At least here in Hattiesburg. Could be crap where you are. Feeling your pain, Florida.) Well, since you're here, you might as well check out some of my hand-picked links for bored folks.

The Arcata Eye is Arcata, California's weekly newspaper. The crime docket they print is at once quite alarming and amusing. Here's just one sample:
June 11, 2005:
A young-sounding woman got hurly
And vomited loudly and early
Alarmed 12th Street neighbors
Reported her labors
And cops found one drunk, boisterous girly.
--Doesn't scan great, but it ain't often you get your crime report in a limerick.

Brian Kass's site has links to literally hundreds of games. Set aside an hour or seven before you commit to clicking this link. Once you're done with that, visit Orisinal. I think I may have linked it before, but the sweetest little games on the internet deserve re-linkage anyway. My favorite is "Pocketful of Stars." I'm such a girl.

Shinyfire has good reading material that puts me in the mind of one of my other favorite web places, Cockeyed. Both worth wasting some time on. One of the best features of Cockeyed is the pranks area. I love a little gentle messin' with The Man.

The next sites are thought-provoking. The Implicit Association Test purports to tell you what you really think about women's roles, the overweight, different races, homosexuals, etc. A little time consuming, but pretty interesting. One of the tests made me feel a wee bit defensive, and no, I'm not telling you which one. And the Global Rich List might make poor little old you feel a little better about your lot in life.

Lunarama is a site for the night-owls in the crowd. It is a listing of restaurants and joints that stay open all night in select American citites. Now, I wonder why old Hattiesburg doesn't have a listing?

Wanting to do some shopping? Are you Pentacostal or perhaps a traveller here from the 1920's and looking to do a spot of swimming? WholesomeWear is for you. Good grief. (Via Sardonic Bomb.) On a similar note, author Anne Rice has apparently found the Lord (I figure he's been kickin' it at The Dungeon) and has written a novel about the 7-year-old Jesus, narrated by the Young Man himself. Look for "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" in a book store near you shortly.

Hey, now it's time to get yourself outside!

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