Wednesday, October 12

Life in the 21st Century, or where's my jetpack, already?

Boys and girls, school has changed so much since the Long Ago when I attended. I never laid eyes on a computer until my Junior year, and then for only an hour a day. The glowing green screen had no icons, the box was interfaced with no other machines, and the pinnacle of my abilities was making it print my name 450 times. Sometimes. We had something called recess (no, not in Junior year, sillies, we're talking grade school) that was an unscripted free-time. Children, running willy-nilly, flinging each other around on merry-go-rounds at a nausea-inducing speed, and climbing monkey bars over CONCRETE. Recess was often a mini Lord of the Flies, friends, and one could easily determine the future wallflowers, ruthless execs and other adult types by merely seeing who was the noogied, and who the noogie-giver. Myself, I was the child that asked a question right as the bell rang. I was that kid who did her homework on the bus home. I was the noogied. (And I turned out ok. Right?)

Anyhoo, all of that was a preface to a couple of useful links for academic help which was unavailable to those of us who when to school in the Long Ago. I am thrilled to be living in an age of cell phones and GPS, on-line shopping and kitty porn, but I have to admit a little resentment that I wasn't able to cheat like your currently school-age whippersnappers.

Online Verb Conjugation. In tons of languages! Old Norse, Runic Swedish! Even the pluperfect tense! Whatever the hell that is.
Common Errors in English is an alphabetical list of those mistakes I'm always making. "Providing real-time, interactive academic and professional classes for students, parents, and business professionals."
Bullying Online Oh, great, now I can get noogied in the privacy of my own home. No, wait, Bullying Online is actually a very comprehensive resource for victims of bullying, their parents and school personnel.It is UK-based, so some of the info won't apply in the US, but the site provides lots of generally useful material.

For some reason, many women seem to be attracted to tiny things: cute widdle dollhouse furniture, those small ceramic shoes, itty-bitty baby clothes. . . . Minimus is a site where you can pick up travel-size products of all types. Wook at the eensy Heinz ketchup bottle! Awww. (Via Cool Tools)

Is it safe to go in the water? The International Shark Attack File can tell you. They have maps of all known attacks, tips on reducing your chances of being bitten (though they have left off my preferred method: vacation in Minnesota), and other sharky facts.

Speaking of delving into dangerous waters, Plumbnet is the best resource I have found regarding all things plumbing. It is very nicely designed and covers topics of interest to the plumbing professional or the lowly homeowner.

There are many websites out there to help folks get organized, and I'd list them here, but I have lost that particular file. One to-do site that I have kept in mind is Remember the Milk, which humbly promises to help one "achieve domestic bliss." There are tons of pre-made to-do lists and multiple ways to get reminders of a special event. Oh, shit! According to Remember the Milk, I'm already late to somewhere. Gotta go!

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