Friday, October 7

I was pleased to see this morning that the Hattie's Blog has passed its 10,000th visit. Some of which weren't even me!

One interesting thing that I have noticed about blogging is that my friends and aquaintances have an irrational fear that I will blog about them. Now, I ask you, with the exception of my post about my friend Mark, when have I ever written about folks in an embarrassing way? (Oh, that reminds me of a story I had forgotten to tell on Mark in that post. One day, I got an email from him, the body of which read "What is your email address?")

But even more pleasing than silly blog milestones was opening the door to find that it is actually coolish outside this am. Autumn is my favorite season, and I am able to enjoy it each year for 3.7 days before we are in to "cold and wet." (The other seasons here are "hot and wet," "just plain wet," and "hurricane!")

Does anyone remember the thundersnow we had about 11-12 years ago? Now, that was bizarre. Having experienced snow about 5 times in my life, I was not even aware that this phenomenon existed. The snow stuck around for a while, too, allowing Hattiesburgers to demonstrate thier snow- driving prowess. You can imagine how that went.

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