Tuesday, October 18

Hattiesburg Musicians!

I have been asked (several times--sorry it has taken me so long) to announce that a new band in town, Cathode Ray Gun, is fervently looking for a drummer. For more information, please view Cathode Ray Gun. This is a band with a great pedigree and is sure to have an interesting sound. (Even though they're not an S&M band. No, I don't know what that means, either.) Contact cathoderaygun@cableone.net.

On a related note, I am announcing that I recently found a bass drum kicky-thing (hey, I'm not a musician) beside a dumpster. It appears to be in good shape. If you are the lucky new drummer for Cathode Ray Gun, I'll throw this at ya for nothin'. If you are a drummer in need of a kicky-thing, but Cathode Ray Gun is not in your future, email me and we'll discuss the incredibly low price. If this is your kicky-thing that you abandoned near a dumpster, shame on you! But if it was a mistake and you really want the kicky-thing back, email me and we'll discuss ransom. deadmandancing at gmail dot com.

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