Thursday, October 6


You can't openly like Sinead O'Conner without some sort of caveat. So here is mine: I know she's crazy. Yeah, I remember that she tore up a picture of the Pope (the only time anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line has sided with the Pope, by the way). Oh, and I am also aware that she was bald when she was in/famous.

But Sinead spoke to me for a time. I had several dreams of she and I. (Usually, we were on the David Letterman show. Set's smaller than you'd think.) In the late '80's, I wished I looked one 10th as good with hair as she did without.

Today I had a sort of a crazy warm flashback when I heard that a new Pixies album may soon be on the shelves. Then I heard that Sinead is going to be on Craig Ferguson. Call me when it's 2005 again, if you must.

Meanwhile, what about that Katie Holmes being pregnant?! I guess Scientologists still don't know what causes that.

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