Friday, September 2

Update out of the burg

Deadpanann here, in for TC, who is still without power due to Katrina.

Today things finally started to improve in Hattiesburg, from what I'm told. Cell phones are working sporadically. People can dial out, but when we dial in all we can do is leave voicemail. The same thing seems to be happening with my phone, which is based in Hattiesburg, so I guess the towers are overwhelmed. Text messaging is working consistently now, so the best thing to do is to text them and tell them to call you. Land lines are starting to get up and running again, slowly.

TC was able to dial out and reach me on her cell phone, and she asked me to update the blog and say a few things. I heard from two other Hattiesburgers as well. They all report that today was the first day they got running water in some parts of town, so that's a major improvement. Also, the situation in Petal is not as dire as the radio reports indicated. TC and her man Scott were kind enough to drive out there to my boyfriend's house to check on him, just to make me feel better--despite the fact that it was about 15 miles round trip and people are prepared to kill for gas. Now that's what I call a friend.

As you read earlier, TC's mother rode out the storm with them in Hattiesburg, and the trio spent many cozy hours together in the hallway. The latest on that is that Mom has left the building. From what I remember of the very rushed phone conversation I had with TC today, her mother went to stay with another relative who had more space or something. Too much coziness, perhaps? Well, according to TC her mother's boyfriend Bruce decided to stay on the coast during the storm. He called them late Monday to say that the water was rising and he didn't know what to do. They have not heard from him since then and aren't sure what happened. Bruce is an older fellow--in his 80's--but even if he were a spring chicken there would be cause for concern. TC and her mother are extremely worried, obviously. Please keep them in your thoughts/prayers while they wait for good news on Bruce.

I'm not very coherent right now but I will do my best to provide updates as they come out of the burg.

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