Sunday, September 25

Tricky Rita

Yesterday I was worried about a repeat of the splooshing we had during Katrina from the edges of Rita. We did get a bit of rain, with merely a slight shower in the living room where the tarp had blown aside, but overall, things went well. I thought that we were going to be in the clear, but this morning, the weather has deteriorated some with very blustery winds and rain squalls. Supposed to rain for a day or so; I may end up having to blog from a raft or something. I hope that the straggledy trees still standing in Hattiesburg can hold on.

Speaking of cats, I have been doing a little research on the best litter, because the damn stuff is so expensive and the three boys seem to be in a contest of who can produce the most, err, aromatic poo. I say this only to direct you to a website that I found during my meanderings, that by comparison, will prove to you that I am not the crazy cat lady here. Hey, you can choose the best organic litter and the best psychic with the help of this one webpage!

Next up, I will have one of my annotated links entries. Those seem to be popular and I, for one, am tired of both cats and hurricanes.

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