Tuesday, September 13

This is NOT a cat blog

I finally got the little thingamajig that allows me to get photos from my phone and post them. I have yet to recieve the whatchamacallit that makes me a good photographer. Here is one picture of Hattiesburg storm damage:

This cemetery is near downtown on a main Hattiesburg road, Hardy Street. As you can (sort of) see, there are lots of big trees down. I will try to get a few more snaps up before too long.

And here is Kelty Kitten:

Here's a picture of Alex, who, sadly, is missing again. If you see a disgruntled black kitty in the avenues, please contact me. Meanwhile, I am hoping for another miraculous return.

I will try, try, try to not post a ton of cat pictures. Does anyone have a clue as to why there is about as much kitty porn as regular porn on the internets? Why is posting/looking at cat pictures so damn addictive?

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