Friday, September 30

Nashville Musicians Helping Katrina Victims

"many of you may or may not know that i was born & raised in southern
mississippi, the gulf coast and hattiesburg to be exact, for 20 of
those years. on top of that, many many many long hours and miles were
spent driving to new orleans for gigs, or to see family &
friends.....and then on top of that, 8 years living in mobile, alabama,
before moving up here to nashville. so.....what i'm trying to say is
that everywhere that i have lived before moving to nashville (for the
exception of jackson, ms) was, as you know, recently hit by hurricane
katrina. i am very thankful that my parents & other family members were
safe and able to evacuate, and that my close friends seem to be hanging
in there. but, am saddened by the devastation that remains for all the
folks that weren't so lucky."

I recieved this in my in-box this morning from Molly Thomas, who has played Hattiesburg several times in past years. She and many other Nashville musicians have arranged a benefit series for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Very sweet, and it looks like a good line-up, too. If you happen to be reading this from near Nashville, you need to check it out.

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