Monday, September 5

I'm OK and thanks for all the support

Just a very quick note, I am blogging this from College Hall on the University of Southern Miss's campus, thanks to David Tisdale, a neighbor and good friend.

The house sustained roof damage and we are still without power. However, I realize that I am incredibly lucky. I of course have seen no coverage from the Coast and New Orleans, but I am hearing horrific tales. I am simply without words to express my sorrow about my old Hometown, Long Beach, and the wonderful town of New Orleans, where I spent many nights having more fun than should lawfully be allowed.

We have had a few frightening events in the 'Burg. It is scary hgow quickly people degenerated into their most basic selves. We had two fatal shootings shortly after the storm, and a friend was menaced with a rifle in a gas line on Saturday.

I want to take just a moment to thank my Jennifers, Jennifer C., whose birthday I forgot in all of this, and who still brought me much needed supplies, from water and cold beer to feminine hygene products. And also to Jennifer K., my intrepid girl reporter, many thanks for keeping people up-to-date on my safety.

The Hattie's Blog was picked up by Knight-Ridder and was mentioned in some newspapers, so that was neat, although I rather it had been for my sparkling wit and not the worst disaster in America's history.

Power should be on in the next week where I am and I will be back again at that time. I hope that the blog has helped some folks find out the info that they needed through comments, and thank you for keeping me and Hattiesburg in your thoughts.

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