Thursday, September 22

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Well, the Dr. Brenda plan for domestic harmony worked like a goddam charm, believe it or not. Kelty and Harvey are bestest enemies and Alex is finally getting some peace.

The place sounds like sweaty midget wrestlers are going at it in the next room much of the time: tiny frustrated squeals interspersed with mighty bumps and thumps. And that's just me and Scott! Ha! No, it's the boys establishing dominance, though when I go in to referee, Kelty is usually innocently holding Harvey down in order to forcibly groom him. So cute, at least if like myself, you lean to the sadistic.

Now on to the big show, Rita. I'm scared, folks. Not that Hattiesburg has to worry about any dramatic direct effects (though I wouldn't have minded a little time to get the roof fixed; I guess we need to move the furniture before the "splooshing" starts again), but can the country take another hit like this? Hattiesburgers started losing what was left of their little minds yesterday when a rumor about the town running out of gas went around. What did everyone and his sister do? Went out and waited in a gas line, causing some local stores to run out of gas.

I don't know if I can take much more pathos on TV, either. Katie Couric looking all concerned is chafing my butt. Not that that is new--don't get me started on that woman. Did I tell you guys about the interview I saw her do with the Olympic swim team? They had suits made out of some new material, and she asked the ladies if they felt fat in them. The Olympic swim team! Aaargh!

Anyway, we may all need swimsuits by the time this hurricane season is over. Here's hoping all of you guys are fairing well and Rita wimps out at the last moment.

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