Friday, September 23

Hattie's Blog Gives Up and Goes Completely Cute

Elderly lady? Check.
Cute widdle animal? Check.
Cute widdle animal does something surprising? Check.
Lady and pet reunited? Check.


The only thing that concerned me about this story was this line: "The bird was turned over to a local kindergarten for safe-keeping." Have these people met any kindergarteners?

(via Fark)

P.S. I was somewhat skeptical about this story, even as I was "awww"ing, but apparently, parakeets can learn to talk. Much cuter than my neighbor John's African Grey parrots. Not only do they whistle the Andy Griffith theme (out of tune, thanks, Mark Mann), but one of them has a cell phone ring in his repertoire. Nothing more frustrating on the 5th day after a hurricane, no power, and cellphones spotty at best, to repeatedly grab for your phone and hear a parrot laughing at you.

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