Sunday, September 18

All Katrina, all the time

I think all of us have Katrina fatigue. I get sick of hearing the word "hurricane," then I see a friend for the first time after the storm and we rehash our experiences. I am trying to move away from this being a hurricane blog (while still avoiding the dreaded "cat blog" reputation) back to a "life in Hattiesburg blog," but to be honest, pretty much everyone in Hattiesburg has had damage from this, and many of us have close friends who have lost everything. Hattiesburgers will be talking about this for the rest of our days, but I will post this round-up and get back to other topics as soon as I can. That is, if TS18 doesn't turn into Hurricane Rita in the Gulf. Our little nerves can't take much more. . . .

Here's my favorite "feel-good story" from Katrina (along with the obligatory fuck up by the people in charge): The first bus arrives in the Astrodome

Locally famous Mickles Pickles is asking for our support. And how can you not help a guy who links to his son's skater webpage? (See bottom of page.) Thank you to Greggypoo, who forwarded this on to me.

I am sure that you, too, are dreaming about the day when you can again sit on Trent Lott's Porch.

The Muscian's Atlas is a good resource for musicans out on the road, and they have a listing of charities that have been set up to help save the music of the Gulf Coast.

Damn, what country am I living in again? Real Heroes. (Try to ignore the word "sheroes" in this story. If you can. Silly socialists.)

Hey, it turns out that I sort of know the Fuck you, Mr. Cheney guy. If he's the Ben Marble I know, I went to high school with his siblings way back when. (Until they got kicked out of the Long Beach School system for living out-of-area, which was erroneuosly blamed on yours truly in a very weird turn of events. I didn't do it, Marble family. And ain't it a small fucking world.)

Here are some sites with more Hattiesburg Katrina pictures:
My Hattiesburg

Finally, am I the only person who thinks "Katrina" is a dinky name for a hurricane? Don't you think that more people would have acted sooner had we called it, say, Hurricane HELLSPAWN!

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