Monday, September 12

Aftermath Afterthoughts

I have been wondering about the Acadians in all of this--I think there are probably some folks who died without the government even knowing they existed down in the bayous. I did a little research and learned some things that I never knew about Cajuns.

The New England Culinary Institute is offering scholarships to food service workers and culinary/hospitality students displaced by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf region. (Via Slashfood)

Blogging friend Dr. Max offered the readers of Hattie's Blog assistance with their emergency needs several days ago. Fortunately, though absolutely no one I know went without some damage to their homes or vehicles, most of us faired pretty well, considering. Reader and troublesome friend Greggypoo, however, ran out of wine (gasp!!) and requested a bottle of chiante, being so desperate he even included his address on the big bad web for all to see. I got a call from him today stating that Dr. Max came through for him. This is truly above and beyond, Dr. Max, and Greggy thanks you. (Of course, thousands of people need more assistance than a fermented liquid at this time, so I have included the Red Cross dog-ear at the upper right of Hattie's Blog. Please donate if you are able.)

Hattiesburg has a changed face these days. Though I and Scott are back to work (and thanks to both of our employers, who are paying us for time missed), our hours have been changed and Scott is up in Jackson this week to help with a lab up there. We went shopping yesterday and the store was filled with both evacuees and those who have come to Hattiesburg to help. The shelves were barren, forcing me to purchase expensive items that I love, but never let myself buy. The roads are filled with not only terrible FEMA drivers, but rescue vehicles and cars from just about every state in the union. It can be hard not to get a little mawkish about the support that the common person is giving the Southeast. I have teared up at least twice (and anyone will tell you that I am not a sentimental girl)--once when listening to that damn Louisiana song by Randy Newman on the Prairie Home Companion, and once when seeing an ad that was placed in the Hattiesburg American by the Mayor of New York. It said simply "New York hearts (loves) Biloxi."

One group has flourished after the storm, and I don't mean the scumbag scam artists. Love bugs are back and in an amazing number. I have never experienced them in such masses. They have flown into my eyes and mouth, they are in the bathtub and my sock drawer, they land on top of sleeping kitties (they taste so bad even bug-hunter extrordinare Kelty Kitty won't hunt them), and they are attracted to automobile exhaust so they are causing visibility and overheating problems on the road. I have even seen a menage-a-trois. If they weren't so damn busy er, "loving" each other, I have no doubt that they would take over the world.

Picture courtesy of Kudzu Monthly, who has a good article about these pests.

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