Sunday, August 28

Various ramblings

Here are some graphs of the level of Lake Pontchartrain. I can't claim to be able to read them with any expertise, so my professional opinion is Oh Shit.

Camille was the old boogy-monster they used to threaten bad little Southern Mississippi boys and girls when I was a bad little Southern Mississippi girl. Camille trashed the Coast then went on to kill folks along the Mason-Dixon line, then went back out into the Atlantic to reform as a tropical storm. Pretty damn impressive.

I've been terrorizing myself with the Weather Underground's blogs on Katrina. There's a recent update wherein weather guru Jeff Masters tells us that Katrina is worse than Camille.

Please, if you are already freaked out, don't bother with these links. In fact, stop reading this blog if it's wigging you. Just keep watching local coverage and get as prepared as you can. There is no need to make yourself crazy over this.

If you're alone and you need to speak to someone, email me and I'll give you a call or try to get you some help if you need it.

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