Sunday, August 28

Things calm in the 'Burg

Except for dumbass me, who went out on the back porch and proceeded to slip and fall on the steps, which were surprisingly slick. After the "Oof," and checking to make sure my butt, right wrist and jaw were ok, I had a terrible image of spending the rest of the night in the ER for a broken arm. I'm ok, and I am happy to report that the weather, at least as viewed from the bottom of my back steps, is currently calm.

We're under a tornado watch until 2. I assume that this will be extended.

The Wolf River at the Coast is already at the highest flood stage ever recorded and it is not even really raining. I am no expert but I believe this is due to the water that Katrina is pushing before her.

I just thought of hearing sometime last week about sexual offenders not being allowed in shelters in Florida. Pretty rough. Comments?

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