Sunday, August 28

Some notes to friends

Hey, Rhett--wanna let you know that Alex is roaming the neigborhood, but we're gonna trap him as soon as he comes for food. I wish I had been thinking, I'd have scored some kitty valium for him as I know he's likely to holler all night. We have Kelty and Daisy here, as well. It's going to be a 3 cat night. . . .

Greggypoo, you set up ok? I've thought about you a lot today. Remember that hurricane you, I, Rhett and Red rode out together? She had those two huge dogs and we had all finally settled down to sleep when we hear your tiny, panicked voice. "He's tasting me!" you said, referring to one of the puppies. We laughed about that for, oh, hell, years now.

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