Sunday, August 28

Serious Situation

Woke up this morning to the worst possible news. Not only is Katrina a Cat 5 hurricane, but it is barrelling towards New Orleans and is then due to slam thru mid-Mississippi. This is going to be the storm that eclipses Camille, a long-time dirty word in parts hereabout.

The local channel, WDAM, is showing an infomercial currently and I am very afraid that folks are simply not taking this thing seriously here. I think the Coast folks may have woken up this a.m. when Jim Cantore recommended this course of action: Go outside, take a look at the Mississippi Coast and remember what you see, because Tuesday it will be gone. Then get the hell out. He's leaving before too long.

About to go to the store to see if I can buy anything that might help in the coming days. Hopefully the one upside of Hattiesburg being clueless is that there are still some things on the shelves.

I know this blog is not reaching thousands (or even hundreds. . . .tens?) but if you do read this today and you are in my area, please start your preparations and stay safe.

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