Wednesday, August 17

Phone Update

I almost got a picture of a huge honking spider for you guys on the Razr last night, but between looking for the phone and dodging the spider as well as my kitten, who was coincidentally chasing a "palmetto bug," (which is polite Southern-ese for huge honking wood roach) right under my feet, I managed to miss the shot. But as it is Wild Kingdom here at the house, I am sure I'll get another chance.

Meanwhile, here is a picture from the web of what my spider, most likely a cellar spider, looked like:

Courtesy of the University of Kentucky Department of Entomology website

Well, the Razr is just a phone, you know. It is a conversation piece, but it hasn't made the people on the other end that much more interesting to talk to. It was a mini-saga to get it up and running. When the first phone got here (ordered it off the internet), they had left the batteryplate out of the box. A phone call later and we had a new phone on its way. That's right, instead of shipping a .02 oz batteryplate, they shipped me a whole new phone and we had to ship the first one back. This boggles my mind, but so did the light-up keypad feature, so perhaps I am easily boggled. Apparently, the cool blue backlighting of the keypad is controlled by the ambient light through a tiny sensor. For two days, I was convinced it was broken. Of course, it always worked when the significant other used it, but it was iffy when I did--sometimes it would light up, sometimes not. Turns out, I was often opening it outdoors or under bright flourescents, while he only got the chance to play with it at night or in dim places. It was suggested to me that perhaps it was light sensitive. Well, I blew that suggestion off until I had the same thought myself. I called Jennifer and I said, "Hey, you know what? I think the phone is light-sensitive!" She said, "Uh, yeah, I told you that yesterday," which I swear I don't remember her saying.

I was this close to sending the phone back again when I saw the light. Hah!! And no, nowhere in the paperwork does Motorola mention this added feature. Surely I am not the only dim bulb (Hah!! again) who was confused by this, Motorola guys. One other cute thing about the phone is a little Motorola-branded spongy pad that you can attach to it that can be used to clean the screens so you don't have to use your shirt-tail. Silly, but actually useful. Overall, I like the phone. I like the feel of of it, the reception is good, and it handled me dropping it first thing out of the box with nary a hiccup.

Oh, and one last thing I learned: For some reason, calling the folks at Cingulair to activate the new phone's sim card on your old phone (with the same phone number) and then handing the phone over to your boyfriend to complete the transaction is a good way to have your boyfriend get mad enough at you to stop talking to you for not less than half an hour.

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