Sunday, August 28

News from Natchez

Verbatim from Jen:

as for the roving reporting--im doing the best i can--but no wind no
rain as of yet, but it looks as if my brother and his family who are
on their way to Alexandria are going to be sitting in traffic for a
while . IN other news cousin Paula is fixing a very tasty smelling
stew and cornbread for supper and I'm going to wash my laundry in a
few. Put natchez down as yet another stop on my laundry's list of
places its gotten washed!

And if you are out there in the weather, too, feel free to comment about your experiences.

Here's a link to several other Katrina bloggers, several in New Orleans, brave, foolhardy souls. Thanks to Mike McConnell for the linkage.

The Webcam in New Orleans still functioning. Will you just look at those idiots.

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