Saturday, August 27

Mr. Hurricane Magnet Himself

is on the Mississippi Gulf Coast this morning, which does not bode well for the Coast. . . .

If you want to listen to a bunch of weather know-it-alls, skip on over to the Weather Underground's Katrina blog. Interesting, if a little fear-mongering.

I am posting the Gas Buddy link again for those of you who need to gas up your vehicles in preparation. Looks like the cheapest gas in town in Hwy 49 North at the Raceway and Pure--1.46/gal.

Oh, and here's a fun fact for New Orleaners (what is the word for a person from New Orleans? And no, "a drunk" is not the answer): The coroner's office keeps 10,000 body bags on hand in the event a major hurricanes hits them straight on. Most of the weather gurus I'm hearing are advising that folks in N.O. leave now, rather than waiting for an evacuation order.

Here's a site where you can view the traffic streaming out of New Orleans in real-time. Looks like folks are heading out. Good decision, because here's a map of the damage flooding from a hurricane like Katrina could cause to the New Orleans area. Warning: HUGE graphic.

Finally, here's the Biloxi webcam. Pretty boring now, but it may be a little more interesting later.

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