Tuesday, August 9

More like Crāpple!

I have a pact with myself to allow one impulse purchase on each grocery shopping trip, with no regrets. This essentially makes me a sucker for endcaps and other store tricks, or the odd and unusual. But that's ok, because of the "no regrets" clause.

You know how certain things are better in theory than in practice, such as cigars, hot tea, and any sexual practice involving a horse? Anyway, the Grāpple is one of those things. I was lured by the sexy smell. Ah, fake grape! Second only to artificial banana flavor in my book. And the Grāpple looks like an apple! Tastes like a grape! They say that the Grāpple's grape flavor is real Concord grape, but it has that decadent Laffy Taffy kind of scent to it. Irresistible. So, without reading carefully, I bought the four dollar, plastic-wrapped pack as I was heading out of the store. Somehow, I thought that though they looked like apples on the outside, inside would be textured like a grape, and I could hardly wait.

Well, Dear Reader, I must report that the Grāpple is merely an apple dipped in grape stuff and let dry for a while. (Does anyone remember the Alar scare a while back?)

No regrets, mind you, but I wasn't as excited by the Grāpple as this guy:

Hang eight, Yo!

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