Saturday, August 27

Katrina is shaping up to be a "worst case" kinda storm--massive, on its way to become a Cat 4 and maybe 5, and targeting New Orleans and parts east. Hattiesburg is known as the Hub City-it's within 100 miles of the state capitol, Jackson; the Mississippi Gulf Coast; Mobile, AL; and New Orleans. Unless there is a major change in Katrina predictions, Hattiesburg is going to get some serious weather out of her.

As suits the gravity of this, folks in Hattiesburg are reacting much as I expected from our honorable citizenry. They are renting movies and get blank looks when you mention the storm. Those who at least know about the storm aren't preparing, here or on the Coast. (Of course, I have yet to make it to Wal-Mart, myself.) My friend Jennifer believes that people would be evacuating if gas prices weren't ridiculous, and of course, she's probably right. But you ain't seen nothing yet--Katrina promises to bring $3/gal gas in the next few weeks.

My mother did just arrive from Ocean Springs, a cute little town on the Coast fairly close to the Alabama border. She lives near the beach and seems to be taking this one pretty seriously. (That's saying a lot. When I was a child, she was somehow convinced that a tornado couldn't occur if it was raining. Not a real weather-hound, my mother.)

Heading to bed and I'll let you know tomorrow am if folks are finally getting the picture that Katrina may be more than just a little wind.

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