Sunday, August 28

Jennifer, our Natchez connection

Jennifer reports this:

okay, news from natchez--rain and wind has stopped and we've been moved outta the cone/
still saying 50-60 mph winds here--traffic is super bad.

Well, that's boring! No, I'm glad. Jennifer is one of my friends with some sense. Many of my guys seem to have been caught completely off guard, and I can only hope they are getting prepared, finally.

Currently in Hattiesburg, lots of very ominous thunder that seems to go on forever. Creepy.

We're filling the bath tub (which always seems like boiling water at a birth to me. It seems more like something to do, rather than a truly useful action), and my S.O., Scott, is coming up with some Byzantine method of rigging some doors closed. I dunno, I'm just reporting it.

I'm also smoking like a flapper and I'm high on lack of sleep, so as the weather degenerates so may my blogging. I hope I live to be embarrassed my writing skilz.

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