Saturday, August 27

Hurricane blogging

I was going to call this post, originally enough, "Katrina and the Waves," but a quick straw poll indicates that most of you would have no idea what the hell I was talking about. (The rest of you would think that it was just lame.)

Several days ago, the S.O. said, "Hey, ya know, we ought to get prepared in case there's another hurricane," so we went out and bought plywood, massive amounts of water, batteries, and spam. Ha! No, actually, we sat here and said, "Yeah, that's a good idea!" and "What's on tv?" So, having depleted all of our supplies except three cans of tuna from the last go 'round, I suppose it's about time to head back to the Sunflower.

By popular demand (hey, one girl asked if I was going to!), I will again be blogging my hurricane exploits for your enjoyment. Currently, they are looking at a Mississippi/Louisiana landfall on Monday and there's already a state of emergency in Lousiana, so I'm thinking that the hotels in Hattiesburg are already booked.

I am concerned that this will be a major event; if it's not, the worry always is that hurricane newbies will get jaded and underestimate "the big one" when it occurs. Meanwhile, of course, there is that sick pleasure one gets when something like this happens. Few people will admit it, but we get off on it. One year on the coast, one of the channels got a new news guy during hurricane season, and he had a pretty eventful first new weeks. After that, it was the typical "hot and wet" for several months, and you could see it wearing on him. He'd make forecasts that were like, "It's hot and wet today, but tomorrow, ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!" He didn't last long.

At any rate, stay tuned here to get the latest on how Katrina is affecting me, because after all, me is what it's all about.

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