Wednesday, August 3

The Four Horses of the Apocalypso

( and other cool links)

This site made me laugh for an inordinately long time.

A couple of days ago J.P., a friend of mine, called and said that he was trying to remember a rule in backgammon, and a mutual friend suggested he call me and my significant other as we were sure to know it. Which we did. Which makes us SuperGeeks. Every Rule is a site that will help you to become a SuperGeek, too.

Once in a while someone forwards me a classy picture like the ones found at "Art for God." Dig the Jesus with the tattoo.
(Via J Walk)

I am a big fan of Robyn Hitchcock/The Soft Boys. Underwater Moonlight is one of my favorite albums despite
(because of?) the fact it makes me feel crazy about 10 minutes into listening to it.

I used to subscribe to Harper's, mainly for the Index. The Index is great, because by juxtaposing two "facts," with no other context, Harper's can make big liberal points about things. I kinda like that feeling of manipulation.

Small Town Papers is just what it sounds like: Newspapers in small communities online. Interesting look at places you don't live.

That's all for this linky post. You can add your favorite sites in the comments. . . .

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