Monday, August 29

Could New Orleans be so lucky?

It is a dismal windy and wet morning in Hattiesburg with winds sustained in the 20 mph range, but I am a (so far) happy person this morning. Katrina made original landfall East of New Orleans about 30 minutes ago and as of right now, there is appears they even still have power on in parts of New Orleans, though I read at The Irish Trojan that the Superdome has reportedly lost power.

The conspiracy theorists are already weighing in on what happened to Katrina. I am unable to access the Weather Underground at the moment, but last night a guy said that he thinks that the government did something to take the starch our of her. I shot back at him that they sure took their sweet time about it and just because we don't understand what happened doesn't make it a government plot and then I invoked Occam's Razor, which I thought was pretty damn smart of me in the state I was in, and I even spelled it correctly. Whew!

Pardon my slight hysteria--a little sleep with a dollop of THANK GOD.

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