Sunday, August 28

Back from the foraging

Decided to forego the WalMart in favor of the local little Sunflower, thanks to the S.O., which was a good idea. There was still water there, though probably all gone now. Walgreens still has some, though, if you hurry.

The mood is fairly calm in town. Light traffic and only a little more action at the Sunflower than usual. These folks who were there, were pretty relaxed, but getting more appropriate items than last time.

I am hearing from people that Hattiesburgers are completely unprepared, expecting to be at work on Monday as usual. This is simply not going to happen, and if you have not gotten ready and you are still reading this (Hi, Darren! I'm not talking about you!), get off the damn computer and get out of town or prepare to hunker down. I cannot stress this enough.

On the Coast, if you are not following the mandatory evacuations, they are coming around and making you sign a waiver stating your vital stats and that the city can dispose of your body. There's already some flooding. Katrina ain't playing.

Good luck and I'll update, hopefully without ever-increasing hysteria, as time goes on.

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