Friday, July 8

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a good resource for you guys concerned about Hurricane Dennis. Includes tracking maps (even blank ones you can print for your own tracking pleasure), the history of hurricanes, hurricane names, etc.

If you are new to the Hattiesburg area, keep in mind that a hit on the Mississippi Coast of a storm of this size/strength will impact us here, though we are and hour and a half by car. No need to panic (not that folks do, if you believe the post about panic, below), just keep an eye on things. And don't plan on getting a hotel room here this weekend if you don't already have one. I imagine that we are booked, or shortly will be, with Florida folks and some Nervous Nellies from New Orleans.

Take care, and feel free to post your hurricane stories in comments.

Update: Check out the "NOGAPS" computer prediction up there. That little square in Mississippi? That would be Hattiesburg. Still, no reason to panic. Unless you are in AL/FL. Then I could see it.

Update #2: All hotels in the Jackson area are booked solid for the weekend. For those of you visiting Hattie's Blog from other places ( I know there are a few of you), that's about an hour and a half drive north of Hattiesburg, 3 hours from the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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