Thursday, July 21

Some people don't get me

I love new people, all kinds of people. I would have to say the only type of person I will avoid is someone dumb and mean. I can deal with dumb, and I actually kind of prefer mean, but dumb and mean is a terrible combo.

New people, unfortunately, don't always love me. Or even understand me. Here's one example:

A friend comes over with her old roomate, who is a slightly larger-than-scale Barbie Doll. The conversation quickly degenerates into a discussion of make-up and the like. Barbie is singing the praises of her teeth-whitening product, and I am smoking. I have an off-white lighter--ecru, if you will--and I brandish it and ask if her teeth strips would make my lighter any whiter. "Honey," she says, shaking her head with pity, "It only works on teeth."

The really funny part of this is that Barbie is somewhere right now telling this same story and laughing about how stupid I am.

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