Sunday, July 3

Serious waste of time links

How fast can you peel a digital potato? (Hey, I warned you that these were time-wasters.)

This is seriously disturbing. Reminds me of the Fly Guy, somehow, but creepier.

Yankee or Dixie Quiz I was surprised at my score on this--a healthy 94% Dixie. This for the only person I know who doesn't have to clarify "ink" pen, because I pronounce it "pen," not "pin."

I Used to Believe. Your humble blog host used to believe that "the bomb" was literally one bomb and resided in the White House, and I was fearful that some cleaning lady might drop it when dusting and that would be the end of us. I was an odd child.

Rate My Professors is fun. You guys can go and see what professors USM students think are hot. Oh, and incidentally, who are the best and worst teachers.

Bottom Feeder. Eating crap so you won't have to.

Longmire does Romance Novels is a brilliant site.

is one of the prettiest sites on the web.

Kitten War! I had to tear myself away from this site because I was getting depressed having to choose one kitten over another. (reminiscent of my current situation?) And I was starting to feel uncomfortably girly.

The ESP Game
is interesting.

The ESP Experiment. Read the comments section after you figure it out to boggle at the gullibility of folks.

Rock and Roll Confidential. I get aggravated with these guys' occasional gay-bashing, but their band-bashing is hilarious.

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