Saturday, July 30

My friend Greg

wants everyone to know this:

Sex toys are illegal in Mississippi.

Huh. Well, I wonder if this makes those sex toy parties we women are always having illegal. Here's the deal, ladies. If you get invited to one of these, GO. The first thing the hostess does is get you likkered up. The next thing you know, you are home with a plain brown paper bag filled with things you don't remember buying and you'll never figure out how to operate, or even which end is the "business" end. And you play some games in between that I still blush to remember.

But isn't this a silly law. Guns are legal (not that I have made up my mind about this), and who has ever heard of someone shouting, "This is a stick-up!" while brandishing a purple, double-headed dildo? Or, "All your money, now, or I'll vibrate ya!" (BTW, if this is your MO, I'll be a the corner of Hardy and 13th Ave. at 11 pm tonight.) I guess I just don't see where the harm is.

Ah, anyway, I think Greg may have made a big deal out of not only out of a sense of civic-mindedness as a citizen of the great country of the United States, but also perhaps to offer his services to women who are now toy-less. So contact me and I will put you in touch with him if you're interested.

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