Tuesday, July 12

(Lies, Damn Lies, and) Statistics for the Hattiesburger

Despite what my guy friends think, in the 'Burg, gals outnumber them by quite a bit as this graphic from Maps and Stats demonstrates. (And the older you get, the better your odds, boys.)

Do you eat out? Of course you do. Head to the health department's inspection data for your favorite restaurant. Included are any complaints filed by customers. Not as horrifying as you might expect.

Here's a Google hack for finding real-time information on the cheapest gas in your area.

Here are some Hattiesburg crime statistics, and I have to admit I am surprised. A while back I had to go to the police station after I lost 600.00 dollars to a identity theft, and I saw a list of the unsolved murders in Hattiesburg. There were more than I expected, about ten in all, but the really surprising thing was that about 70 percent were of Hispanic males. Hispanics make up a larger percentage than you would think in Hattiesburg, but you guys probably don't see them unless you are up at 4:30 and drive by one of the pick-up points for day laborers. They are Hattiesburg's invisible minority. All that being said, I still think Hattiesburg is a fairly safe place if you use your smarts. These stats are also from 2002, so not really current.

One way to cut down on crime is to have a well-funded and effective school system. Public School Review provides a break-down of Hattiesburg area schools and some of the statistics are heart-breaking. The student teacher ratio at Hawkins is a staggering 1-to-75. Meanwhile, the Oak Grove Lower Elementary has a student-teacher ratio of 1-to-17. Lots of other information here.

No post about Hattiesburg stats would be complete without the Bureau of Labor Statistics link. Of course, the highest percentage of employees are working for the government.

Who among us would still be walking the streets if these Mississippi laws were enforced? Oh, right, street-walking is illegal.

Got any good info about Hattiesburg? Pass it on in comments.

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