Wednesday, July 27

Here's a coupla lighthearted links

to alleviate the "heavy" of the previous post.

Prognosticate - the news predicting game
Fun, for the nerdy. I.E., me. Although I sucked at it. Go figure. Actually, sucking at it is pretty fun, too--sort of like "Current Events Mad Libs."

Deconstructing "This Shit Is Bananas"
I happen to like this song. Don't give me no guff. And I like it even better after reading the "true" meaning. Via Backwards City.

Catproof your computer. Sounds like a joke, but PawSense is a legit product. And if this were a cat blog (which It. Is. Not.), I would now be telling you a cute story about how my Kelty Kitten lies in my lap while I type, smiling up at me, his eyes sparkling and body rumbling with purrs while he bites the EVERLOVING FUCK out of my hand.

Did you know that goldfish, which are just carp, after all, can grow to the size of Cadillacs* if in a large enough environment? The idea of meeting a Cadillac-sized goldfish (those horrid slowly gaping mouths!) scares me more than swimming in shark-infested waters. Which somehow reminds me of the Pink Pistols site.

*Facts in this post may not, in fact, be factual.

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