Tuesday, July 5

Happy Birthday, Ma'am

I am an inveterate eavesdropper. Hell, it's free entertainment, and people sure are funny.v
One lunchtime, my friend and boss at the time, Greg, and I were eating at Panino's here in Hattiesburg. At the table behind me, two ladies were discussing what they were going to get because it was the birthday of one of the women. Damn, they were excited. "It's my birthday! Gosh, do I get a free dessert?" "I'd want a dessert if it were my birthday. " "On my last birthday I got. . . ." Birthday, birthday, you get the idea. This went on for a while until the waiter got there. Before he could even take the drink order, Birthday Gal exclaims, "It's my birthday!"

Cute waiter guy heaves a sigh and says, with absolutely no inflection, "Happy birthday, Ma'am."

Snap! That was the last Greg and I heard about her birthday. We still giggle about it.

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