Thursday, July 28

"Fantasy Karaoke Song" meme

Gwen has a great post about her "Fantasy Karaoke Song." Here's what she says: "That's the song I wish I could sing at a karaoke bar but so far haven't worked up the guts to sing. On Friday night, I sang my Fantasy Karaoke Song and kicked ass at it."

Mine is "Me Jane," by PJ Harvey. I once joined a band (the too-often-arrested Gutshot) in order to sing this song, but never got up the courage. Hey, PJ is tough, in all senses of the word!

I have taken Gwen's idea and am passing it on all meme-like to Deadpan Ann; Walley, er, "Bert"; Anne Arkham, and Alphabitch if you guys are listening; and the Left-handed Leftist (though as a real musician, you probably don't have a song that you want to do that you can't legitimately).

Pass it on, you guys.

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