Sunday, July 10

Current mood: Blase'

Back from the Sunflower, where a genteel calm reigned. In other words, apathy. It was sort of busy, but with people seemingly stocking a picnic. Sodas and chips were most people's choices. We actually looked to be doing the most preparation, but only because we got cartons of cigarettes, rather than packs. One lady, who appeared to be a New Orleans native, got caught by the Blue Laws trying to buy gallon of milk and a 24 pack of Rolling Rock (and nothing else). She left with just the milk, thanks to Mississippi's noble effort to save us from ourselves.

I just heard a transformer blow, but probably out of anxiety rather than weather. Still pretty calm here, though it is sprinkling and the wind is kicking up at times.

Here's where folks are chatting about Dennis. Warning: Java, weather geeks, and some mighty freaked out people.

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