Wednesday, July 6

Before the Blog

Back before my addiction, I used to do things on the Internet besides blogging and reading blogs; I just don't remember what. The internet is a cornucopia of enlightening ideas, resources, and other mind-expanding stuff. Right? So I went looking for non-blogging activities today and here's some of what I found:

101 Fun Things To Do (Besides Having Sex). By the "Worth the Wait" guys. Among the suggested activities are:
Check out the rest of the site for more wholesome fun. You can download a printable Pledge Card, and make a wallet card to "remind you of your commitment to abstinence." (Keep it right there by the condom1, kinda like your "bad angel" and "good angel.") The advice column is also good readin'.

Apparently, some folks think that you can buy a legitimate British title online. Think, people, think! Now, a college degree, yes2. Being called Sir DeadManDancing, no.

There are people out there who love thier substrate-hugging monsters, which is fine, they are actually pretty interesting, but some of these folks also believe that if you spell the whole name of the fish out, you have killed it. (Under Pl*co in this glossary.)

The God Web actually kind of impressed me, dammit. Not enough to make fun of. (Though I can make fun of the Wall Street Journal for their blurb: ". . . it offers inspirational music, from Bach to Enya.")

Then there's Fun Things to Do with Your Old Coffee Grounds, including making a worm farm and using them for skin abrasion.

Perhaps I'll stick with the blogging3.

1. Do not keep your condom in your wallet. If I know you (and I think I do) the condom will have been subject to months, if not years, of damaging heat and pressure before you need it, rendering it useless when you do.

2. No, I do not think that you can get a legit college degree by doing no course work by simply paying some website.

3. Can you tell I have learned how to use superscript?

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