Saturday, June 4

Pathetic Pet Posting

So, much like Hattiesburg's famous Casey the Pomerainian, my Alex cat has gone missing. Casey has been gone and obviously pathologically missed by his owner for 5 years at last count. Local paper The Hattiesburg American ran a daily ad for Casey for many years, and I think still runs one on Sundays. We tried to talk to the owner (whom I can't help but imagine as the stereotypical old lady) 2 years ago for a story for the now broke-down local mag The Breakdown, and she refused to speak with us. Hmmph--what good is that ad gonna do you if you won't take calls? I also checked with The American to see if they were charging her for the ads--they aren't, I'm glad to report.

I felt bad for the lady and old Casey (who has a medical condition, natch) even before my Alex took off, and I do understand how she can still be waiting and hoping to get her dog back. I have looked in the neighborhood and asked the pound, but in my experience old cats don't die, they just wander off and leave you forever wondering. Instead of a 5-year-long lost ad in the paper, though, I am only going to offer this pathetic plea: If you see a raggedy-old black cat missing some fur in the Avenues, please shoot me an email.

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