Sunday, June 5

Mississippi Yearning

Here's my response to yet another story about us hicks in Mississippi:

Aaargh! I hate these stories! The man was old, rural, most likely poor and living in a state that is still dealing not only with our racist past but also the media's glee at continuing to portray all of us as neandertals. Perhaps the man didn't want to discuss the issue YET AGAIN, and on his own property. Rednecks are everywhere that there is rural poverty, and I don't expect older folks with little social education beyond home learning to be terribly enlightened. I hate that this old fool did this, but I also hate that this is all that reporter is going to bring home from his visit.

And, Scared of Mississippi, the scariest thing is that if you were to come to Mississippi and start asking questions about Emmitt Till,at least of people under 30, you'd most likely get a lot of blank looks.

As you can see from the internal confusion of my own post, Mississippi continues to be a contradiction--yes, we are still dealing with racist issues (as well as sexist issues, as this big-mouth broad from Hattiesburg, MS well knows), but can't a single damn reporter come here and not interview the toothless old guy at the feed store? How about a college professor with two Fulbrights? How about a straight-edge punk band? The Lesbian couple that run Camp Sister Spirit in Southern Mississippi? The editor of the Jackson Free Press? Mississippi is more than one stereotypical old white dude with chaw in his mouth.

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