Saturday, June 18

Here's a Little Something while you wait.

Here are a few links I've liked this week. Nibble on these while I put the finishing touches on my next, meatier post.

Cows say "mer." Bzzzpeek, a cool audio demonstration of how animals sound in various regions.

Though it is not 'new' news, this week I heard that the star of one of my very favorite silly websites, Oolong, the pancake-wearing rabbit, is dead. But he has passed the crepe crown on to Yuebing.

Booksfree is the Netflix of books. Interesting idea, but whither the old Interlibrary Loan? Bookcrossing is the site of an even better idea for booklovers.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a guide to the legal ramifications of blogging. Good read that may help you avoid getting your ass fired. But if you get fired anyway, don't make the mistakes that these job applicants did.

Finally, here's yet another take on the Midget issue (posted about earlier here and here), this time from the sexy lead actor of The Station Agent, Peter Dinklage. (This picture does not do him justice.)

--Thank you to the great Grow-a-brain site for several of these links.

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